puppiis days <3

feb. 12, 2022 (saturday): my baby got me early valentine's day treats ^^ we played dnd w/ her friends also & it made me almost as happy as i am when i see my baby <3 we hung out & had a lot of fun relaxing w/ each other for the rest of the day

feb. 14, 2022 (monday): [approx. 7pm] i saw my first raccoon in real life!! it was a lot bigger than i thought itd be o.o it was super cute tho & i had food in a bag so it stopped for a second & looked like it was considering coming up to me (maybe to get the food loll). i baby talked to it like i do w/ my pets & told it that it couldnt have my food xD it walked away,, but i cant get over how cute & big it was

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